About Brunnstag...

Brunnstag is a level 85 Dwarf Marksman Hunter on the US server Winterhoof. He is currently a member of The Stromgarde Crusade. For the long meandery story of Brunnstag's creation and leveling, read below! It has lots of screenshots!

Lil' baby Brunnstag in his 40's in Azshara

I started playing World of Warcraft back in January of 2008 when my boyfriend Matt surprised me with a Battle Chest and free trial. I'd always wanted to try WoW and when I found out that he'd played before and had a toon in the 60's I was all over him about it! I LOVED it immediately! It was the greatest, most intriguing and in-depth game I had ever played. I loved the look of the characters, armor, locations, the classes- everthing about it was purely magical too me.

Brunn wasn't the first toon I made- Oh no, I had a dwarf warrior first. I was fresh off from finishing all of Neverwinter Nights diamond edition and promptly made the closest character I could to my beloved Glaran Iroff character from that game. I failed horribly at him. I made all the worst noob mistakes out there like trying to fill out two talent trees at once! It was even worse when I hit level 20 as I had rolled on Firetree, a PVP server where Matt's toons were at... My first experience there was trying to make it to Menethil Harbor and eventually giving up after an hour and a half of being nonstop ganked and camped by a level 70 undead rogue. It was unpleasent.

I went off to an internship and was unable to play for several months; we were promised high speed internet there and then it NEVER worked right the whole time! When I returned I hit the game hardcore and rerolled Brunnstag on Garona, a PVE realm where some of my fathers friends from work played and had a guild. Matt eventually transfered his then Hunter main named Telain there as well and we settled in.

I leveled SLOWLY through most of the old world up into the fifties when I started to see all the neat things he was getting to do with his 65 and up toon. He was running instances! They were terrifying to me and I refused to do them by myself! I could see the fun he was having though, so I sped up my questing and made it into Outland.

I hated Outland at first! Being my first real toon, and still somewhat of a huntard despite Matt's guidance, moving from 58 content into Hellfire was a disaster. It was harder then heck for me, but I struggled through and meandered through the content. By this time we had both moved our toons into the guild run by my father's friends, <Defiance Eternal>. We met some great people, some new, some that I already knew from dad's work. It was now the very tail end of BC and they were raiding Kara and moving into the tougher raids. I worked hard and managed to ding 70 late one saturday afternoon.

After that I was dragged through a few instances by DE, although I was terrified and had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even use misdirect yet- I didn't understand how it worked. I slowly began to truly learn my class; I was at endgame now, what more was there to do? I did dailies on the Isle of Quel'Danas. I farmed ore in Zangarmarsh to sell on the auction house to try and buy my first flying mount.

I promptly flew this sucker (unknowingly) straight in Skettis and was killed by evil owly birds!

And then it happened- <Defiance Eternal> dragged me through Karazhan! I was terrified and exhilirated the whole way through! It was AMAZING! Doing something with ten other people, having to work together as a team and use each classes unique abilities in tandem to achieve our goals. It didn't matter that all I did was stand there and shoot- I was still too new and undergeared to be of any real use to the group and they were all far overgeared for it- I loved every second of this new thing called raiding! I got five or six epics that night and I finally felt like I was getting there. I remember standing in Ironforge boggling at the other people standing around in their epics and riding their Amani Warbears (The only mount in game I would give ANYTHING for and was never able to get). 

ZOMG! Zombies!

Then came the Zombie Plague and the coming of the Wrath of the Lich King. Much better equipped I flew through levels up to 80- but not as quickly as the rest of the guild. Just before Wrath came out, they opened up free transfers off of Garona, which had become so overcrowded there were constant queues just to get in game to a newly created server Winterhoof and our entire guild transfered over. Unfortunately they changed the guild name from the ever cool <Defience Eternal> to <Addiction> Which I always thought sounded tacky and soemwhat pathetic.... My father's friends did nothing else but play WoW and work- they were level 80 immediately and running heroics in no time.

As I worked my way to 80, the atmosphere in <Addiction> began to change. The guild leaders and officers were all the people who worked with Dad, and they all became very elitist. Gone were the days leisurely fun runs through dungeons. When I hit 80, no one offered to help me get gear or run dungeons with me. I was required to get to certain BeImba score before they would even consider running with me. And this was jsut the start... Oh sure, we had fun- but something was inexplicably different...

Kel'Thuzad first kill

Nevertheless, I managed to get myself geared enough to be invited to the 25 man man Naxxrama's raids. It was  blast! I loved raiding endgame, working as a well oiled machine. These first few raids were a blast! I met new people, some pugs that we ran with on a regular basis. I forged new friendships.

Then Ulduar came out and it all fell apart.

Guild drama- Everyone knows it sucks. Usually such bits blow over- but this one ripped the guild apart. One of our raid leaders Buron, left after a big snaffoo when, instead of running a Naxx as he had been asked, he took a ten man group into Ulduar for the first time. Much of the guild was ready to move on to Ulduar but we had been continuing to run Naxx to gear the rest of the guild... But it was getting old quickly. (He was justified in part, as not enough of the Naxx people had shown up anyway and it was a spur of the moment event) It quickly went downhill after that. The GM and another officer Sotee, friends for years, went their separate ways. The GM announced she was taking a break- after 2 weeks of no news from her we were finally told she had 'quit the game' and 'sold her account'. The guild rapidly fell apart.

It was only later Matt and I discovered that this  perhaps been intentional. Before the drama started the GM and officers had been very exclusionary to a lot of members, having secret raids late at night, and bending loot rolls to gear up their alts and close friends at the cost of their other guild members.. That initial group of friends, all the officers and GM of the guild, that my dad knew from work, had flipped horde unbeknownst to us after the fact and started a new guild. We felt betrayed and lied too- We were betrayed and lied too, and because of their actions some of us went through several months of drama and emotional situations. Our previous guildies became very hostile and mocking to all of us who were left. I still have no idea what really went through their minds, but it's long over, and I'm much the better for it.

Being betrayed by friends is like being pummeled by a giant Tallstrider using your own sword!

After that we moved to a friend's guild <Art of Destruction> with a few others from <Addiction> that the GM Ivorie was kind enough to take in. I got even closer with two of my best friends Ioso and Maggs there. We spent the summer running dungeons the five of us. Ioso and I on our hunters, Matt on his new Druid Ketriana healing, Magg's playing his bear tank Mistsong, and Ivorie as himself a death knight. It was great times.

All good things must come to end however. The GM of Art became ill and took leave of the game for several months. There were few of us to begin with, but with the backbone of the guild gone, Matt and I made the difficult decision to move our toons to <The Stromgarde Crusade> which is run by Buron and Sotee whom we knew from <Addiction>. In the last few months we've been joined by many of the Art members, even ol' Ivorie who's doing much better.

Things are looking up!