Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transmogrification and Other Stuffs

I find it very amusing that just a day or so after I wrote out my thoughts on altering gear to our preferance ( Wardrobe Options and Gear Dye ) Blizzard released the teaser picture for their new Void Storage and Transmogrifier. I could hardly be more pleased!

This is a feature that was honestly long overdue in WoW, something the community has been asking for for years now, and is perhaps a little too late. Blizzard's already destroyed some pieces of very interesting gear over the years as they've remade whole locations! Hopefully they'll add in some way to obtain this new gear!

Unfortunately for me, this may be a feature I miss out on for a long time. Our money issues are such that we've canceled our accounts for the time being. I desperately miss my friends I've made in game, and my toons. Brunnstag is a part of me that I'm loathe to give up, and the hours spent chatting with my guildies and laughing in vent are not something I'm pleased to be missing. Hopefully things will clear up soonish and I can perhaps splurge the extra $14.00 for the sub.

For the time being I've been playing Forsaken World, a free to play MMO. It's not WoW, but it works all right when I've got a hankering. Unfortunately, it does little to help with the people who I'm missing! I may write up a few posts about Forsaken World in the future, as I think an analysis of some of the free to play games from a WoW players perspective might be interesting indeed!


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