Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Morning Tidbits...

Oh Tuesday mornings and your maintenance. Today is my first day off after a five day stretch of full 8 hour days as a produce sales associate at Walmart. I gotta say I feel like someone beat me with a stick- 40 pound plus containers of fruits and vegetables are hard to move around, and this is the most exercise I've had in probably a year. I'm not saying it's not good, and the money will be nice, but I've been feeling pretty crappy all week. Like going to bed by ten PM crappy!

Needless to say I haven't been doing a ton of stuff in game, just too exhausted. Our guild, with the new patch, is finally able to push over the hump and start downing the previous raid tier. I have to say, they made it too easy. I mean we almost had all the fights, but being a mixed group of people who could or have played in hardcore raiding teams, and those who haven't quite got the skill for that, sometimes it's hard to manage the coordination needed. With the time constraints we've had recently between everyone's work schedules and whatnot... it's been difficult to find the time to continue to push on bosses when we're close. Ah well, we got it now, and with the new tier of gear out, hopefully some of our less geared/skilled players can work with us more!

I never remember those after death screenshots, darnit!

We've been farming Firelands Trash for rep and epics the last couple nights with whatever group we can throw together. The first night they were released a couple of us we're farming it with only 5-6 people, blowing cooldowns and such to down things. It was fun, and I picked up the Ranseur of hatred and the Hide-Bound Chains. I'm desperately hoping for a drop of the lava Bolt Crossbow, as I am STILL using the crafted Kickback 5000. It's the only blue I have left, and I can't seem to get a drop of any other ranged weapon, either from Bastion of Twilight or even Zul'Gurub! I feel like a nub with this stupid gun, I want it gone!

I'm also intending to speak with Ioso on maybe giving Beast Mastery a try. I've been resisting the urge in the past, as I've always played Marksman because I enjoy the spec. But the catering towards Beast Mastery hunters with the new pets is pushing me towards the edge. I want to have some nice looking pets too, and unfortunately I have to play a different spec to get them. This is very disappointing to me, especially since Blizzard usually tries so hard to balance things. I've always been somewhat of the opinion that Blizzard didn't know how to fix BM's dps when compared to the other two hunter specs, and therefore made a few special branches of particularly nice looking pets to 'make up for it'. The three specs are more balanced then they have ever been in terms of dps, I want the other things about hunters to be even as well!

I'll still never reroll to worgen though, 1% critical strike be damned! Dwarf forever!


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