Friday, July 8, 2011

Rares, Rares, and More Rares!

My first staggering steps into Beast Master have been a bit rough, but I'm really enjoying the playstyle so far! After having played as Marksman for about two years now, just having different button icons is new and exciting. It's funny how picking up a new spec after so long can make the game new and exciting again- Oh, I played as Beast Master in BC, who didn't? But I was fresh from leveling then and hadn't experienced the wonders of Marksman yet. Once I tried it, I loved the style of it, and the utility, and never looked back.

Of course, the first thing I did was go off and look at what pets we're only for Beast Masters. I popped onto Petopia a hunter pet resource guide online, and looked up my options. I already knew I wanted some Spirit Beasts as no beast master is complete without them! I wasn't particularly interested in Rhinos or Silithid's. But a worm... I could do a worm. Off I go to Dragonblight to find the elite Rattlebore!

Mr. Squiggles!

At least, I wanted to name him Mr. Squiggles, but I had to settle for Squiggles instead... Blizzard's name rules don't allow for spaces or punctuation. Darn! Anyway, I LOVE this pet! He's right up there with Bragi for my favorite now. First off, he's huge! I mean look at him, he dwarfs my dwarf! He shimmies back and forth when he 'runs' (Slithers?), and is constantly bobbing side to side like he's dancing to his own little wormy beat. Plus, his swim animation is adorable! If you don't have a worm pet, I suggest your get one!

Happy with my new Wormy, and already in Northrend I decided to go after some Spirit Beasts! I've always fancied Arcturis, but seeing as Brunn was always in MM spec anyway and I'd have to change specs just to see him, I simply never bothered to get him. I sat back for a long wait; and after 8 hours of camping and reading Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings" over two days, he spawned!

Rawnblade the Spirit Bear

After that I had some guildie stuff to attend to, dungeon runs and such! It was a busy day, and later that evening I decided to pop back out to Storm Peaks and see if couldn't come across Skoll the Lightning Wolf as well. After perhaps and hour of sitting about, Skoll spawned as well.

Stormlight the Wolf Spirit

Rather pleased with myself in having found 2 spirit beasts in one day, I decided that I'd give Sholozar a try, and maybe see if I couldn't come across Loque'nahak as well. I flew straight to the Nessingwary camp to sticka  few pets in my stable to make room... and looked up and there was Loque, strolling around just across the river!

Shatterpelt the Leopard Spirit

And that's how I managed to tame 3 spirit beasts in one day! Granted, I spent perhaps ten hours total in camp mode, but I cannot believe my ridiculously good luck in having these three rare spawn pets just about fall into my lap! I'm not super impressed with Gondria, so haven't yet spent the time looking for her. After Loque and Skoll, I did fly over to see if she'd spawned as well, but no beans. Ah well, no need to be a pet hog!


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