Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Behind the Keyboard: Mage the Betta Fishy!

It's time for another Behind the Keyboard segment! I'm very happy to introduce everyone to my new family member, Mage!

Mage the Betta Fish!

I've been desperately wanting a pet for months now! I would love to get a cat, but at our apartments... well it's probably not the best idea. they have a 300$ nonrefundable pet charge for a cat, which is awfully steep for how very easy and not dirty a cat is. Matt and I thought back and forth on the subject and finally decided it was best to wait. But that did nothing to stop my want of a pet.

I don't even recall how we got onto the subject, but mom ended up suggesting I get a Betta Fish. Now, my mother's always kept fish. I had a tank when I was little with a goldfish named Chloe in it- when she died we buried her in the backyard. A few years after that, mom ended up getting a massive tank (Not sure how big exactly, at least 50 gallons), and she kept fish for a very long time in it. Eventually it got to be too much of a chore to clean the tank all the time, and the expense of having to treat and test the water and such, so we broke it down and sold it.

But Betta fishes do well in a bowl (Much better then goldfishes do) and because of their labyrinth lung are able to pop up for air. This makes them very forgiving for first time fish owners. And since it's just one small bowl, the upkeep isn't a massive undertaking. As mom said, a Betta fish makes a great pet. A full on fish tank is a hobby.

So today I toddled off to the pet store and got myself a betta fish! I wasn't expecting them to have any more then the generic red's, blues and combinations there of. But their selection was amazingly good! I almost got a different one that was a Crowntail with a blue body and very fancy multicolored fins. But when I saw Mage... I just fell in love.

I mean really, Look at that face!

He's all acclimated and happy now! He even ate some of his little fishy food pellets. He was clearly a little freaked when I got him into his bowl as he fluttered all around. He moseyed down to the bottom and nudged a piece gravel with his nose. When it rolled over he had a little fish panic attack and flipped out in place. It was adorable! Now he's just relaxing and swimming about! 

Yay Mage!


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Daffycat said...

Lovely pictures of Mage! I'm happy you like fish-keeping. Betta's have such fun personalities ~ for fish, that is.

Love from your Mum, who loves fish.