Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New hunter pets- BM Only?

Bragi the Tallstrider
Yesterday was a nice day for hunters! I myself, as a marksman, got a bit of a nerf which was disappointing. But tacked on underneath that was this!

8 new rare tamable beasts have been added, each of which provides a unique taming challenge. Will you be the first hunter to tame Deth'tilac, the rarest and most powerful of them all? Players will need to progress through the Hyjal Regrowth and Molten Front daily questing areas in order to unlock access to the full gamut of taming challenges.

Woot! Some new love for hunters! A lot of hunters enjoy the challenge of tracking down and stalking rare and interesting beasts to tame. And for those of us who are also collectors, many endeavor to have every rare spawn hunter pet available to us! And pets that have a gimmick to tame? Something special we have to do? Great!

Loki the Fox
I saw today on Wow Insider an article detailing one of the new discovered rare pet . I was excited... It had a nice spectral skin... I delved into the post and my dreams were crushed at these two words- "Spirit Beast". Spirit beasts? Well, surely they won't all be exotic? I scrolled through the comments and found a link to one of the other discovered pets, an owl, also a spirit beast.

Forsetti the Dog
Why the disappointment? As a marksman hunter, I can't get spirit beasts. They're exotic, and require the 30 point talent 'Beast Mastery' to obtain, which is only available to hunters who play Beast Master. Survival and Marksman hunters are simply out of luck on these. But why, you might ask, would you be so concerned over one branch of hunter pets? True, there are indeed a lot of interesting pet skins out there that any hunter can get, some of which I've been showing off here from my personal collection.

But the pets with the most unique and interesting skins are all Exotic. Want a wolf that's imbued with lightning? A bear that looks like a veritable spirit of the north? A panther who's very being is made up of mist? Well then, you'll have to roll BM and tame a spirit beast!

Piggens the Felboar
Now many BM hunters in the comments on anything having to do with the annoyance of only one of the 3 hunter specs being able to tame these rare creatures, like to say, in their defense "But Spirit Beasts are the only thing BM hunters get!" Well, if by that, the only thing BM hunters get that the all other hunters can't get, then there you go. I have difficulty understanding this argument. All three hunter specs are the closest they've ever been to doing the same dps. All three specs are completely viable for raiding.

I could perhaps see this if the other 2 specs got their own unique set of pets as well. But besides our two unique shots, there's honestly not that much difference between the specs. To me, the beast mastery talent seems like a cop-out. They couldn't find an 'interesting' shot to give BM hunters at the time they made the talent tree changes, so instead gave them more interesting pets, which granted does somewhat go with the name. But my chimaera shot in no way makes up for my not being able to get a rhino if I want, or a devilsaur.

Tyr the Bird of Prey
Are the slightly unique buttons for Marksman and Survival hunters to press really a good make-up for our inability to obtain the more interesting pet skins? I honestly don't feel that they are. BM pets already do more damage then the other 2 specs pets, making them a very big part of their dps. I think perhaps it would be better to give them a more unique ability (Such as MM's Chimaera Shot and Survival's Explosive shot and Black Arrow) and to open up these 'exotic' pets to all hunters. It's simply doesn't feel fair, especially now when all three specs are so close together in terms of dps and viability, that 2 of the specs be denied such interesting pet skins, when very few skins of the same caliber as those of the spirit beasts exist for non BM hunters.

Now, Blizzard hasn't confirmed that ALL of the these new pets will be Spirit Beasts, and I implore them to not make this special treat only available to hunters who choose to play as Beast Masters. But to so far have 2 of the 8 pets be Exotic is disappointing. So please Blizzard, don't let me down!


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teejay368 said...

wow man you need to get this to blizzerd becuase im having the same feeling right now and i think this is stupid cuz im a marksmen hunter and iv been lokoing for this pet for almost 3 days now and to just find this out its hartbreacking