Sunday, June 26, 2011

Behind the Keyboard...

So it's been forever since I've posted here. There's been a fair amount of business going on around here and I haven't been able to, or felt like sitting down to seriously play recently. This is hopefully changing! But here's some stuff that's going on, in case anyone is interested.

I recently changed jobs. I had been a Book Associate at a company called Hastings Entertainment for the last 3 years. The job was great when I started as I was still in college at the time, and it was incredibly flexible on hours. Mostly because you didn't get any... one generally hovered at around 20 hours a week which was fine as I just wanted a bit of extra cash. As it's gone on though, the hours got less and less, and they'd started a wage freeze about 3 months after I started there- I've been working only minimum wage for 3 years. Over the last few months they'd forcibly been keeping everyone under 25 hours so you couldn't get any benefits at all. I'd been scheduled twelve days straight through, going in for 3 hours a day. Three hour shifts are not amusing.

I finally had enough and applied around and picked up a job at Walmart in the produce department. I know, I know, it's not glamorous, but it pays the bills. At least with Wally World I'll be able to attain promotions, wage increases and have access to fairly good benefits- all things I should have been able to get at Hastings but was cheated out of by the company.

But anyway, with the job situation taken care of, it's a big load off my shoulders... Now at least I'll have a lil' bit of spreading around money! XD Not really, as both mine and T's student loans have come due now, so every spare cent is going towards them >.<;;;

Other then that have been some minor quality of life increases. T and I rearranged the living rom into something useful (Nevermind the fact he got a wild hair and decided to do it when guildie's were waiting on us to go on a heroic, go figure!) After getting the furniture aligned I went out and bought one of those plastic sets of drawers and got all of the Warhammer bits and pieces stored away. The living room is now usable! We've got a TV corner (Complete with Wii, N64, Snes, Xbox 360, and PS2), and a crafty corner with a table and chairs where I can work my puzzles, and lay out the table for Warhammer games.

Slowly slowly we're getting this tiny apartment turned into a home. I'm still hesitant to 'nest' in it though, as I'm hoping we can find something a little bigger soon. Maybe rent a duplex or something. This 2 room thing is getting a little bit cramped!

The very few WoW things I've done have either been popping on Brunn for a random or two occasionally, or leveling on Farmstag, or the new Undead Rogue named Turnip I started for shiggles. I LOVE the undead quest lines, they're simply brilliant- I'd leveled through them once before and just couldn't resist doing it again. I was surprised by how much fun i'm having playing the rogue though... Making stealth not cut your speed really does make leveling a ton more enjoyable!

So here's hoping for some less sporadic and more WoW based posting in  the future! Huzzah!


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Melyanna said...

Glad the job situation worked out! Looking forward to your posts =)