Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Time, No Post

Wow, it's nearly been a month since my last post here! Things got a little crazy here recently, with something coming up every time I even thought about sitting down to type. Don't you hate when that happens? So here's a quick little update on how things are going for me in Azeroth!

I've dabbled a bit in raiding and have now downed every boss up to Cho'Gall and Nefarian. I have quite terrible luck with loot so I have very little to show for it right now besides a nifty cloak... But it's the fun that counts!

I also deleted Brunn's son! Nope, I'm not kidding- I deleted my Death Knight Stagsun (Get it? Stag's Son?). I admit I rolled him when I briefly entertained the idea of moving all my toons to an RP server, and envisioned him to be the son that Brunnstag had lost which drove him to go out into the world by himself and become a lone hunter. I tried to play him after Cata came out, but I had always played Blood DPS and just couldn't get into the groove of things with the other two specs. I honestly had rarely played him but for farming ore and leather once I'd gotten him to 80...

... And I needed a toon to farm those things on quickly and efficiently...

So introducing:

Farmstag! brunn's half dwavren, half Gilnean, cursed worgen cousin! Yes, another hunter- This will actually be the 5th hunter I've gotten to any kind of respectable level, and the third on Winterhoof. I have a thing for hunters. I figured, in terms of speed and efficiency of farming, a worgen hunter would be the way to go. I enjoy the play style and am good at it, so it's win-win all around. On top of that, I'm going to leave him as Beastmaster so I can tame all those flashy fun pets on my alt hunter without sacrificing Brunn's marksman spec.

In other news, I've gotten myself into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. If anyone's interrested in it as well, I've started a painting/playing blog for my Lizardmen Army. You can find it at Jungles of Lustria. There's not much to see there currently, I hope to have some pictures up soon of painting progress on my Skinks and Cold Ones.

Allrighty, I'm off then to nurse this dratted cold that's been plaguing me since Saturday! More posts soon!


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Nairu said...

Hey, good to hear from you and feel better soon! I'm ill myself but already feeling better after two days in bed. Hope you can afford taking some time off, too. And lots of tea. Never forget the tea!

I used to have that hunter thing, too, everytime I played an alt that wasn't a hunter I felt like playing my hunter again, and then I ended up with a bunch of hunter alts, haha! But how can you stand the male worgen's animations? I have a worgen warrior and I absoulutely despise his running as well as his casting (luckily rare as a melee), and the shooting is meh, too.

Have fun with Warhammer! I always wanted to try out painting those figures, but I'm not too interested in the game, so I never did... perhaps I should find someone who likes to play but not paint, haha.^^