Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patch 4.1 Woes...

So far Patch 4.1 has been a stinker for me! But lets start with the good news first!

Brunnstag now officially has a menagerie! I snagged myself a few more minipets over the last 2 days and got the new Menagerie achievement, ending up with 126 so far! The new Wintersaber Cub and Panther Cub pets are beautiful, and there's still a few more to snag as well! I'm very pleased with the additions and can't wait for Children's Week.

Unfortunately, running the new instances has been hell. The first night I ran much of Zul'Aman with 3 other guildies. One was tanking, Sotee was healing and Quin was rocking the mage dps! We wiped probably dozens of times, and soon came to realize that our tanking guildie just did not have the gear or skill to tank such a difficult dungeon (it's a relatively new warrior toon). We were willing to keep trying with him though, despite the wipes, as we were slowly making progress. After several wipes on the second to last boss, he suddenly went offline- I assumed at first it was a power outage or somesuch; they do happen occasionally. That is until Sotee says in vent "Son of a b-, He freaking ninja logged!"

That's right, one of our guilded tanks ninja logged on 3 guildies and a pug. How embarrassing! And it turns out, he'd done the same thing (unbeknown to me) to another guild member the night before. I mean, come on! I assume he realized he just didn't have the ability to tank the dungeons, and logged to spare himself the trouble of explaining and respectfully dropping group. But there's no shame in being unable to do it! And quite frankly it's disrespectful and immature. He will be receiving a good talking too from the officers and I for one, will not be running with him further. He's lost my trust, and he's going to have to work to get it back.

Last night wasn't much better. The server kicked the group three times and we had to start over twice after reforming, the last time resetting Zul'Gurub over halfway through. After spending nearly 2 hours in there trying to get something done, having my valor points snatched away like that was infuriating and I called it quits for the night. I did manage to procure new epic gloves and bracers, but the fact I've yet to manage to even see the final boss on either of these instances is wearisome. 

Matt got himself the Reins of the Green Proto Drake last night from his FIRST Satchel of Exotic Goods. He's always had ridiculously good luck with mount drops anyway- he got the Green Proto Drake and the White Polar Bear on the first egg and bag on his then Hunter main, and also won the rolls for the Twilight Drake and the Swift Brewfest Ram (Both of which he gave to me cause he's a sweetheart!). I'm hoping the mount droprates are not as high as his luck seems to show... 

While I am very happy for him to have gotten the mount, I can't help but feel a twinge of anger for Blizzard to have given people the chance at these mounts for doing nothing more then what they would have been doing anyway. It took me 3-4 months of consistent egg getting to get the Green Proto Drake and this was after grinding the dailies to get the reputation to even buy them. My friend Ioso just got it a week or two ago, and that's after what, a year? Year and a half? It just feels like a slap in the face towards my efforts to get one of the more sought after mounts when others can get them just for running a random dungeon.

Now, the new Call to Arms feature is one of the reasons why I finished leveling Shalkan; so I can get a chance at the Satchels too by shammy healing. But the truth is, I like my hunter! I may find Shalkan's healing to be a good diversion occasionally, but I play Brunn because he's my favorite to play. Saying they don't want people to feel obligated to do certain content is one of Blizzard's favorite arguments to use; it was one of the reasons they used to get rid of the separate lockouts for tens and 25's. Now I feel at a disadvantage for preferring my dps class, and somewhat obligated to spend more time than I want on Shalkan just so I can get the extra gold, gems, flasks, pots, and pet/mount chances. 

Anyway, once Blizzard gets the servers in check and the instances don't crash so much, I'm looking forward to running them! The challenge of them feels about right, they drop worthwhile gear... If I can just get in the there with both a solid group and without a crash, we may just finish one!


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