Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From Hell's Heart...

Seahorse Hunting Party

I stab at thee! Our guild decided on Saturday to slay ourselves a whale shark for the achievement. Everyone hates Vash and very few of us have spent any time in the zone at all but for our achievement-o-holics, so it took a fair amount of time for the peeps to get organized, and grouped together (It's so easy to get lost out there!). Yet our seahorse hunting party was ready!

Ioso and I: "Found one!"

Our tank Buron picked this one, saying it looked fat. I argued that they all looked kinda tubby (I mean, we're gonna kill him, no need to insult his... er... handsome looks?), but the group got together and after it we went! For those of you who have yet to slay a whale shark, it involves having one person pick him up and swim backwards across the zone holding aggro just out of his reach. Get too far away, and it evade bugs and resets. Too close and it eats you- one shot, no chances, NOM your dead. It's rather unforgiving, and difficult to judge the distance... Needless to say this was only the first of the whale sharks we went after!

Hunter melee go!

There's also all sorts of weird stuff with him. His hit box, while it looks tiny underneath him, seems to be far larger than it should be, and you can be quite far away, but still not... away. On top of that he occasionally seems to block his own line of site, meaning you can have a perfectly clear view of him with nothing around, but you just can't hit him.. Very annoying!

On our third or fourth shark Buron (Our pally tank), who we were having kite, and a few other people said that it would be the last attempt of the night. In we went and after getting him to half health, Buron lagged, got slightly too close and was promptly nommed. I'd just feigned death as I was getting close to pulling, so was at the bottom of the aggro table when the shark wheeled around and started sucking down raid members like krill. I popped up and started blowing him away and as the last of the raid died, got him under control and started kiting him myself.

Mumble was full of very disappointed voices, when I broke in and told them to get their butts in gear and get over here, I've still got him! Excited they swam as fast as ghosts can swim (Which is fairly swiftly), and we finally downed him!.

From Hell's Heart I Stab at THEE!!!!

It was truly epic. Unfortunately Matt was at work during this business so later that night, we managed the same thing with a group of only five or so people, getting him and Cyto their achievements as well and a few people's alts.

In other news Ioso, Desalla (Matt's holy pally), Cyto and I have been working on finishing our Glory of the Hero achievements. We're all a bit off on which of them we need, so Ioso and I finished it last night, and we'll need at least another night to get Cyto's and Desalla's done. But in the meantime...



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Becca said...

ha, our guild did this a while back and it was wonderfully disastrous time. We had 15 - 20 people attacking and a few of us just constantly rezzing people so no one would have to swim back from the graveyard.

Good times with the Whale Shark.