Monday, April 25, 2011

Finally- Raiding!

I was hit hard with the burnout bug I discussed last post. Terrified of what would happen when I finished the achievements I was working on, I panicked and stopped working on them- Silly I know, but I wasn't thinking about how much things were looking up in the next patch.

I slowly started to work myself back into the game by leveling my Shaman Shalkan. I used to shammy heal back in wrath and decided I'd dust off his little 80 hooves, get him up there and get him geared. This is somewhat to offset the dissapointment of having got my druid Leomaine to 85 and discovering that the allure I had with boomkin at the very last few weeks of wrath did not last... 

Now if only I could work up the courage to actually heal....

I think Shaman healing will be enjoyable to me and good bridger. I'd started to dual spec and collect healing gear on Leomaine, but after having set up his bars I balked at druid healing. I knew nothing about it whatsoever and after seeing a lot of druid healers give up healing come Cataclysm, I decided that learning and entirely new healing class would not be good! From what I've read and seen, shaman healing seems relatively unchanged besides bringing them in line with Cataclysms new 3 main healing spell set. Oh well, we'll see what happens!

A couple of guildies who have been in hardcore raiding guilds in the past have been raiding with another guild <Foundation> for a couple weeks now. They needed an extra for Council and cho'Gall and whispered me to see if I'd tag along as well. OF COURSE! So off I went (Completely unprepared; haven't even bothered to watch the fights yet O.0) and after a try or two we even made it up to Cho'Gall. (Did not manage to down him, although we got close.

Cho'Gall has eyes all over him... Like an ogre potato...

I topped their dps chart that night (I was ecstatic!) and was told by the raid leader I'd definitely be invited back again. I got to raid again with them just this past Friday and Saturday evening,  Blackwing Descent this time. The first night went great, and we got through Magmaw, Omnotron and  eventually Maloriak. The second night we were seriously all off our game. Raid leaders compared logs and everyone was down from their previous performance; just a bad night overall, and we wiped multiple times on Atramedes and Chimaeron.

My UI in action- it needs tweaking for raiding ><;;

No hunter loots unfortunately- unlike Ioso who managed pick up the best in slot hunter bow the other day, darn her! But I had tons of fun, and that's what raiding is all about anyway! It's nice to get back into action after being off for a few months. I've missed it.

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