Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stood in the Fire!

So Sunday evening seemed to be terrible. I was working on Archaeology, hoping to get those last few fossil sites I needed for my Fossilized Raptor Mount. Matt texts me that he's on his way home, so I pause in this small troll encampment to run unlock the door, and go to grab myself a little dinner. I make it back to my desk and am just sitting down when Matt calls me. He ran out of gas. On the highway. Ten minutes drive from home.

Extremely annoyed, I go out to the gas station that is literally right around the corner from us (why he didn't get gas before he left is quite beyond me) and after figuring out how to assemble and fill the stupid gas can (which are a lot more complex then I remember them being!) driving over to him, then having to drive past and find a place to turn around so I could pull over safely, getting him filled up and going then getting back to the house... I return to find this:

I swear Brunn, your 85 and I can't leave you alone for 20 minutes???

Now I'm REALLY annoyed. I left him in a camp of level 50 undead trolls. Really? REALLY? It must have taken them all of those twenty minutes to melee Brunn to death. The comments in my chat log are fading away, and I happen to notice a guildie said something about an extra crispy dwarf... I'm always curious when it comes to Dwarves so I scroll my chat log back up to see what had happened. Lo and behold:

 Extra Crispy Indeed!

While I was away, Deathwing paid me a fiery visit. If I hadn't have had to go rescue my boyfriend from the highway, I would have gathered that last troll relic, mounted and flown away. Brunn wouldn't have gotten his "Stood in the Fire" achievement, and may never have, since it's based on happening to be in the right place at the right time. I guess things really do happen for a reason!

And as a bonus from the next day...




Janyaa said...

Ohh! Congratulations! I can't tell you how jealous I am. I've tried to get that for ever. My hubby (who hardly ever plays) got it within the first week it was out.

I've even been so desperate that I've hurriedly logged off my alt, tried to get on my main and through a portal to the correct zone... but no luck. :(

Maybe I just need to go stand in the middle of nowhere and go out to run errands...hehe.

Kallixta said...

Another jealous reader!

When my daughter got it, she was surveying and then confused. "Why is everything red?"

And I just noticed they took awawy my caravan achievement, too! I saw it ding. I never thought about it again. I'll need to raise a ticket.

ThePinkPally said...

That's an awesome story. heh And I'm thrilled to know that Deathwing is still roaming around randomly roasting folks. It's been so long since I've seen the great black beast or even heard of anyone getting the Achievement that I was beginning to think he'd given up his nefarious ways and gone into retirement. Congratulations!