Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sanctuary of Knowledge, then off to a Country Retreat!

Yesterday, Matt needed to run to Hobby Lobby for paints, so out we headed into town! Upon arriving at the store, we saw they had signs up for 50% off of puzzles! I was cautiously excited- puzzles at a  discount is great! But I'd been there a little over a week before and hadn't seen any puzzles I was interested in at all... I toddled off to the display table and my jaw nearly dropped.

"Sanctuary of Knowledge" By Ravensburger

One of the puzzles from my wishlist! Holy crap! I snatched it up right then and there. I'd seen it on Amazon and loved the image, even though it's only 300 pieces and 'large format'. I also picked up another called "Beary Patch Park" by Dennis Lewan.

Unfortunately (If you can call it unfortunate!), I've already finished it! I came straight home and BOGGLED at the sheer size of the pieces. They were gianormous. About the size of 4 regular puzzle pieces put together at least. Also, the pieces were very well made; no bits of paper hanging off the edges, very sturdy cardboard and the picture was printed to be low glare. I wasn't expecting the puzzle to be quite as simple as it was, but then I knew it would be relatively easy. I'm not unhappy with the results, however, as the final finished puzzle is 24x18 Inches and is gorgeous. I can't wait to glue it and put it up somewhere!

When we left Hobby Lobby, I spied the Big Lots down the way and couldn't resist popping in to look for puzzles there as well. I was beginning to lose hope until I spotted several hiding with the children's board games. I only saw one that I really liked the picture on and have since decided to do it next!

It's a thousand piece puzzle though, I'm kind of scared! This'll be the first time ever I've tackled a thousand piece puzzle by myself- my mom and I used to do puzzles when I was a kid, although she really did the bulk of the work on them... After getting the box open and digging through the pieces for edges, I'm now feeling very daunted... Here's hoping this one doesn't prove too difficult!

~~Puzzle Bear~~

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Daffycat said...

Yeah, cause your mom's like a puzzle wiz, ya know!

Lovely new puzzles! Don't you be scared about that 1000 piecer...they all go together one piece at a time. You wouldn't be 'fraid of a 1000 page book, right?