Thursday, March 17, 2011

Roast Chicken and a Plush Update!

So I'm an aspiring cook. I've even considered Culinary School, something that's still not completely out of the picture, but I'm simply unsure what I want to do now that I'm graduated... But I LOVE to cook, and nothing pleases me more than trying something new and delicious! And I've had a culinary dream recently- to truss, roast and carve a fresh chicken, then use the carcass for homemade soup! Soups and stews are my favorite kind of food, so the challenge of roasting a chicken, and then the delicious soup afterward seemed quite the quest! So tonight, I roasted that puppy up!

Er.... chicken, not a puppy!

Unfortunately, I trussed it a little awkward... I got it out of the packaging and realized that for some odd reason, they took the end of the wings off! Without those, there wasn't anyway to fold the wings behind the body, and it threw me all off. Oh well, first attempt! Following the recipe I got from my friend Bob (Who's about to graduate from Culinary School, I are so proud of him!)  I mixed up a ton of herb butter and stuffed it under the skin on the breast and slathered it all over. After a somewhat stop-start cooking period (Never roasted before and it took a little longer than I'd expected to get to temp...) I got that sucker pulled out and ready to carve!

Er.... Did I mention I've never carved a chicken before?

Soooo... Carving a chicken is a LOT harder then the professional chef in the video I watched made it look. I mean, it's almost like he had years of experience! Ah well, it tasted great! And now I got lots of chicken, drippings and all the mushrooms, carrots and onions that were cooked up in the bed of the pan with the liquid goodness! Cannot wait to make a tasty soup!

In other news, I've made a fair amount of progress on my little Brunnstag plushie! His armor's coming along fine- the hardest bit is taking the extremely detailed in game armor and dumbing it down to something that can be reproduced in felt, which does annoying things like shred if you cut it to thin. Even the 'dumbed down' version had a few things cut from it because it was simply  TOO MUCH. But he's coming along. Cannot wait to finish him up, I'd like to submit him to Blizzard's fan art! Maybe he'll even make it on the website?

Having just finished the spaulders- this'n lets you see his cute little body! 

And with the front bit of the Windrunner's Tunic of Triumph. 

I'm still sad about losing some of the detail at the bottom of the chest piece, but seeing as I'm going to be putting a belt over it... It was jsut getting FAR to bulky! The pants and boots are honestly going to be serious challenge to capture the essence of the design without being all... puffy.

~~Puzzle Bear~~


Lolitadewdrop said...

Mmmm :) That chicken looks so tasty!
Your plush looks like it's going to look great :D

Melissa said...

The little guy looks so awesome so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!

The chicken looks so yummy! I want one and will shortly be making Bob make us one! :P