Sunday, March 13, 2011


Couple of days without a post... haven't made much progress on the current puzzle so far. The difficulty level on this puzzle is much higher then my previous efforts, and I've been distracted by other things.I've decided to start working on my plushies again!

Oh, didn't I mention I make plushies? All the sewing, embroidery, and patterning is done by hand. I've been making them for years (Though I slowed down somewhat recently, what with all the sewing I had to do in my costuming classes... Putting bias tape along the edges of two corsets by hand will cure you of the urge to sew rather quickly!)

This was the last project I did, the Catbus from "My Neighbor Totoro". This was the most complex plush I'd ever made and I learned so much from making it, I know if I made it again it would look even better. I don't even remember how long I spetn working on this with all the patterning, sewing, and embroidery by hand, with all the trial and error on different sizes of things... needless to say, it took a while!

But the ultimate plush I want to make is a Gimli from Lord of the Rings. Like a big ol' snuggly one I can give full detail too. But seeing as I've never made a humanoid plush like that before (OMG, the hair I'd have to do on something that big... Not even mentioning braiding a beard made of yarn! 0.o) I decided it'd be best to maybe make a prototype. After much searching I found a pattern to work with at Sitting Chibi Plushie Pattern.

I decided I'd make a plushie of Brunnstag, my Dwarf Hunter in WoW as a tester. I mean, I need to make a dwarf, so why not make one I like? (And I have a thing for dwarves...) I stitched up the body, but have since decided the head is too big and I'll need to resize it. The gianormous head may work for normal anime plushies, but once I get all his hair and beard on there, his head will be WAY to big for the body.

Anyway, I've been working on the little armor pieces to go with him (The head, with all the hair, eyes, and nose stuff is the most daunting part so I'm chickening out and saving it for last!). I went with the Windrunner armor as Brunn wore it for a very long time in game, and I really did like the look of it. So far, I've got a pair of spaulders mostly done....

Tiny Windrunner's Spaulders of Conquest!

Brunn's gonna be adorable when I finish him. I should make a tiny Raven Lord mount for him to ride on!

~~Puzzle Bear~~


Steffi said...

The sitting chibi pattern is a good one, I have used it in the past for making anime plushies!

I also love your catbus, it turned out amazing!

Tracy said...

The catbus is so cute. I love all his feet!