Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loremaster in Progress!

So I've been preoccupied with WoW recently. I'm number 5 in my guild The Stromgarde Crusade on achievement points, and I mean to at least get to third! My friend Ioso holds the rank of second at around 7500 points, and first is held by another guildie who has about 9500- far far more points then I have the time to get! So in that aim, and also because I want the title, I've been working towards getting the Loremaster achievement.

Now Loremaster, for those who don't know, involves doing a certain number of quests in all the areas of the game. And it's a LOT of them. It takes a great deal of time to earn, and is a fairly impressive achievement in game. (Spending hours and hours playing a video game is decidedly NOT an impressive achievement outside of game!) Conveniently, they changed the format of it with the coming of Cataclysm- instead of having to do say, 500 quests in Eastern kingdoms, I now have a certain number of quests to do per ZONE of Eastern Kingdoms. This is very very helpful in keeping track of how many quests per zone I can and need to do there- there were all sorts of issues before where quests you got in a zone, but were for a dungeon would mysteriously not count and so on.

I've so far completed all the quests in the Searing Gorge, Badlands, Burning Steps, Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands, Cape of Stranglethorn, Northern Stranglethorn, Duskwood, and Westfall. Wow, that's a lot of zones! And that's just on one continent! I swung over to Loch Modan to start work there this morning.

 What do you mean you saw a bush riding on a pony made of stars?

I'll tell you what, the redesign of the zones with Cataclysm really made the quests a lot more... interesting! So  far I've gotten to punch Deathwing in the face, blasted billy goats off the side of a mountain, and wore a clever plant disguise so I could sneak up on a gnoll and dump Murloc Pheromones on them.... It's been a unique experience. 
 Does this look like someone YOU'D want to punch in the face??

I've also picked up several other achievements along the way, including finishing off my Winterspring Frostsaber rep grind, getting exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood (Finally! Now just to be exalted with the Wildhammer and I'll be exalted with all the dwarf factions!) and getting the 30 Reputations of Exalted. I'm pretty darned pleased with myself to say the least!

Rawr, and stuff....

In other news, I gave up on the puzzle I had been working on. After several days of frustrating lack of progress, I finally put the sucker away for now. Being a dollar store puzzle, it was printed on such poor cardboard and the pieces are such strange shapes, it kept getting knocked apart anyway... It was just a little bit too hard as of right now, and I'll come back to it another day! I managed to track down one of the high quality Sunsout puzzles from my wishlist on sale at Hobby Lobby. I broke it out yesterday and even though it was a 1000 piece one as well, it looked a tad bit easier to get started. But it's too big for my table! Both my tables! 

So, rather annoyed at the smallness of my tables and the largeness of my puzzle, I decided to paint on my Warhammer Figures instead. Got the tester colors done on one of my Cold One Mounts... I think it looks pretty good though! Too bad it took 4 hours! Here's a close up of the little guy, and then a nice size comparison of him and one of those cans of air to blow your computer off with. He's tiny!

~~Puzzle Bear~~

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Melissa said...

Wow he is tiny! But it sure does look great! WTF about the lamppost guy on your desk :P