Thursday, March 3, 2011


Howdy! First posts are the hardest, aren't they? And this is the third blog I've had to do it on over the years! Course I'm only 23, so maybe that's not so bad. Or is that worse?

Well whichever it is, I miss posting about what's going on in my life! I recently decided to pick up Jigsaw Puzzles as a hobby and thought this would be an excellent time to start a new blog, so I can keep track of my puzzling progress!
See? I told you I do puzzles!

Just a little 300 piece one to get started with. I didn't want to go too crazy and start a 1500 piece one right off the bat! So my boyfriend Matt and I picked up a nice box with a 10 different puzzles of various counts. I'm currently working on a 500 piece of a fox... I'd post a picture, but I'm hoping to get a little farther on it tonight...>>....

Anyway, let's see here... I'm a somewhat eclectic person really. I'll probably be posting updates on my puzzle projects, screenshots of my WoW character with his new loots, and probably some of the funny pictures I find on the internet with Stumble upon.  Nothing too serious going on in here really!

Thanks for looking!

~~Puzzle Bear~~


Daffycat said...

Welcome to blogland, Jessie! Your horses are really pretty. I'll bet that was a fun puzzle to do!

Molly said...

Hi can you tell me what the name and brand of this puzzle is? I've been trying to find this particular puzzle for ages. Thanks :) P.S. I love that you're bloging about your puzzles, great idea. :)