Friday, March 4, 2011

Foxy Fun and Raven Lords

As I'd hoped I managed to make good progress on my 500 piece fox puzzle last night! Spent the evening watching Super Nanny on Hulu and puzzling it out. Honestly the image is simply gorgeous, and I wouldn't mind having a framed larger print of it to hang up somewhere. I'll definitely be saving this one when I finish it up!

As for other things going on, I've been enjoying playing on a new server with some of my friends on their horde alts. Started a new undead hunter alt named Beebles,went  and tamed a plagued bear, then promptly named it Bobbles. Turns out hunters rock pvp at low levels at least. My main is dwarf hunter, but when I started him out and leveled him over 3 years ago, I wasn't much into pvp at all. Now that I'm at 85, it's so difficult to get into pvp at all on the top brackets unless you already have the resilience gear....

But, what I AM into on Brunnstag is collecting mounts and minipets! I'm an achievement whore in game; I enjoy grinding up reputations and farming for rare drops. And after a year of dedicated farming and hoping I finally got myself one of these:

Reins of the Raven Lord! And the Magic Lamp my guildmaster had -just- given me.

I've wanted that mount for so long, and thought I was about to pass out when I saw it in the loot window! On top of getting the Raven Lord, not a week later the Swift White Hawkstrider dropped as well. Now the only BC mounts I have left to collect are the Fiery Warhorse from Karazhan, and the two PVP Talbuks, I think... Actually, though I love them to pieces and wanted them for so long, I'm almost sad they finally dropped. Now it feels like there's nothing to farm for.... -coughRivendare'sDeathchargercough- All in all, those bring me to 86 mounts, and 118 minipets.

Now to farm the Winterspring Frostsaber! It'll fun, Right?.... Right?

~~Puzzle Bear~~

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