Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished the Fox!

I didn't manage to make any progress on the fox on Saturday- in fact I didn't work on it at all! My parents invited Matt and I over for some home cooked burgers cooked on Dad's new grill. The burgers were delicious, and after dinner we enjoyed some DDR and then watched Untamed Heart with my Mom. Very good, but thoroughly depressing movie!

Yesterday, however, I got myself in gear and finished the fox puzzle! Matt worked from 2:00 in the afternoon all the way to eleven at night, so I had plenty of time by myself to devote to my puzzling.

500 Piece "Red Fox" by Joni Johnson-Godsy
from Art Gallery 10-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe Collection 

I just LOVE this image! The colors absolutely refused to come out properly in the pictures, this was the closest I could get- out a light on it, and you get a tremendous glare, leave the light off and the the necessary camera flash washes the colors out. -_-;;;;  I also took the time to glue the horse puzzle together with the puzzle saver glue I snagged at Wall-mart. It worked rather well, despite destroying the back of the puzzle.... it stuck pretty badly to the paper I put down! Now for the next challenge- Deciding which puzzle to do next!

As for the rest of yesterday, I spent some time doing a few runs on the Wintersaber quests for the mount. I figured it out, I have 23 more runs of all 3 quests to get the rep up, which totally doesn't sound like a lot, but when the quests involve flying to 3 separate hubs to get/kill the necessary things, then fly all the way back... It's actually fairly time consuming. Mr. Piggens was not exactly pleased...

I'm not as excited by this grind as usual... I mean after grinding Timbermaw, Kurenei, Cenarion Circle AND Expedition, this is a fairly short and simple rep grind. Perhaps it's because I just don't really like the Cat mounts? I have to get it though- as they'll likely be removing the reputation come the patch, and hopefully make it's completion a Feat of Strength...

And one last picture.... The current background on my computer: a picture of my friend Ioso and I in game! The pose was too perfect NOT to snap a screenshot!

~~Puzzle Bear~~


Daffycat said...

My, the fox didn't take you long at all! It's really pretty too.

So ~ what's next???

Melissa said...

Hey! That's me! Awesome pic, hadn't even known you were taking one!