Friday, March 25, 2011

Eastern Kingdoms Defeated!

Eastern Kingdoms is done! As well as all the quest related achievements in the zone. I'm very pleased with myself so far, and I've moved up to third in the guild ranking of achievement points, came upon and tamed the rare fox Ashtail while out and about in Loch Modan, and even picked up two more companion pets along the way! I've moved on to Kalimdor to start work on questing there- my first step was the Darkshore, to see the destruction that Deathwing left in his fiery wake.

OH! If you read my last post, I had a screenshot of Brunn dressed as a bush on his sparkle pony. I also submitted the screenshot to WoW Insider's 'Around Azeroth' section, and it was featured! Growing Like a Weed. Never mind the poor comments by some of the posters, people can be jerks! I'm just pleased they liked the screenshot enough to put it on the site.

In other news, I've started another puzzle! This one's by Buffalo Games, and so far I'm very pleased with the results. The image is crystal clear and easy to see, and the pieces fit together perfectly and tightly, so they don't pull apart. I'll definitely be buying more puzzles by this company! Oh, and the puzzle I'd given up on, partly because it was so cheaply made and difficult to work with? Turns out I can get a 1000 piece puzzle of the exact same image from Sunsout! I may just do that, they make great puzzles that are super high quality! 


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