Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beary Patch Park and a Semi-Full Caravan!

"Beary Patch Park" update!

Wow, this one just refused to come out nicely in the picture! But the puzzle is gorgeous, I'm loving these Buffalo Games puzzles. I feel it's nicely challenging, but not so hard as to be frustrating. It was too big for the normal table I use in the bedroom, so I've had to relocate into the living room to work on it, which actually ins't terrible as the room has fallen into serious disuse since we got the desktop computers in the bedroom. Besides, I can watch Star Trek on the 42inch flat screen in there while I puzzle! 'Cause I needs my Star Treks! 

Now then, a few days ago I finally completed Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, and achievement I'm quite proud of! The zone I finished out in was the eastern Plaguelands, and while I was there I snagged the "Full Caravan" achievement as well. If you've also done this one, you may have come across the same bug that I had- I missed 'recruiting' the goblin named Beezil to the caravan, and had to go back to him later on. Unfortunately, doing him last sometimes causes an error to where even though you have all the objectives completed, you do not get awarded the achievement. After reading the forums, I logged out and back in and it registered it was there. Well the story doesn't end there.

The next day I log on, and while checking to see which one of these buggers I wanted to tackle next, I noticed Full Caravan was no longer in my list of recently completed ones... What in the-? So I open the tab it's under and look at the achievement itself and it says I'm missing... Fiona? The person who runs the caravan?? How have I recruited everyone BUT the person who owns the caravan?? I opened a ticket immediately and got the very polite response ( 4 hours later ><;) that while it was regrettable I was having the issue, there was nothing to be done by a GM as it's a bug. They kindly reported it to the bug peeps for me. Well darn! I know it's just a silly achievement, but gosh darn it, it bugs me!

So today I'm flying through the Hinterlands whilst working on Archaeology and there's a brilliant flash across my screen as I'm awarded the achievement... FULL CARAVAN?? What in the-? 

Edited out the curse words! You no get the curse words!

So I guess I've got the achievement now! Hopefully it sticks this time! And speaking of Archaeology, I was so happy to finally get this to pop up in my fossil panel!

Bony Raptors, Ahoy!

~~Puzzle Bear~~

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