Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Long, Folks!

I just wanted to give a little update on what's been going on, and say a little goodbye to those who may still be watching this blog.

Shortly after my last post back in August of last year, my Husband got a new and fantastic job! Because of this, we quit the current jobs we had and moved from our small little town to Oklahoma City. He is happy with his new position and making a lot more money, and I am happily employed at one of the libraries here as a part time Page. I have recently rediscovered my artwork, which I had abandoned several years ago...

These things have compelled the decision to quit WoW. For me, this is fantastic, and while it has mostly all ready happened on it's own due to boredom in game over the last year, we have made the decision to quit permanently.

While I cannot speak for Matt, for me World of Warcraft was an addition. I started playing it shortly after leaving early from an internship due to illness- Between this and my growing discontent with my chosen degree program in college I had become rather depressed. WoW came along at the right time to become a crutch in life for me, something I could escape to and get away from all the real life troubles and concerns I had. There is so much I stopped doing so I could spend my time living in the fantasy world of Azeroth.

Do you know how long it's been since I worked on my art? Really, truly focused on it? About 4 years, which coincides with my WoW start time. I used to be an avid reader, tearing through books like no other, but those too fell to the wayside. As did my crafting skills, which were also left to rot.

Is this a problem for everyone? No, I don't think so. But I think that for some of the WoW players out there it is. And I would encourage everyone to take a look at just how much time and money they are putting into World of Warcraft. If your comfortable with what you see, go for it! If your not, maybe it's time to reevaluate your choices!

Do I regret the time I spent in WoW? To a point no, I don't. I don't think I ever really could! I've met so many amazing people, and forged a lot of friendships. And I had a TON of fun! Who hasn't? The hours spent playing with my friends killing internet dragons are something I could never really regret. What I do regret is what I didn't do because I was too busy playing WoW. But now it's time to change that. I've been phasing out all the WoW influences in my life. Unliking all the facebook things, etc. We're currently trying to get out of the year long contracts we signed when we were still thoroughly enjoying the game. Once that's done, all our WoW website links will be deleted. (Hell, turning Curse off made my computer start up soooooo much faster!)

And I won't be deleting my characters or anything. I couldn't bring myself to do that. I still love my little dwarf and his purple Tallstrider! I always will! Neither will I be removing this blog, at least not for the present. I just felt like putting my reasons out there and leaving a proper end post here.

I'm still online, and I'd be happy to chat with anyone about anything! I have a personal/art blog at Puzzle -N- Things. Please come check it out, and see what I'm up too! I also have a DeviantART account here at Brunn-Bear's DeviantART.

Really, we just won't be playing World of Warcraft anymore- it's really no big deal.

Cheers all!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transmogrification and Other Stuffs

I find it very amusing that just a day or so after I wrote out my thoughts on altering gear to our preferance ( Wardrobe Options and Gear Dye ) Blizzard released the teaser picture for their new Void Storage and Transmogrifier. I could hardly be more pleased!

This is a feature that was honestly long overdue in WoW, something the community has been asking for for years now, and is perhaps a little too late. Blizzard's already destroyed some pieces of very interesting gear over the years as they've remade whole locations! Hopefully they'll add in some way to obtain this new gear!

Unfortunately for me, this may be a feature I miss out on for a long time. Our money issues are such that we've canceled our accounts for the time being. I desperately miss my friends I've made in game, and my toons. Brunnstag is a part of me that I'm loathe to give up, and the hours spent chatting with my guildies and laughing in vent are not something I'm pleased to be missing. Hopefully things will clear up soonish and I can perhaps splurge the extra $14.00 for the sub.

For the time being I've been playing Forsaken World, a free to play MMO. It's not WoW, but it works all right when I've got a hankering. Unfortunately, it does little to help with the people who I'm missing! I may write up a few posts about Forsaken World in the future, as I think an analysis of some of the free to play games from a WoW players perspective might be interesting indeed!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Wardrobe Options and Gear Dye...

Because honestly, who would want to mess with a masterpiece like this?

I've recently had a RIFT in my game time- a friend of ours, Cyto, got in a good deal for RIFT and was looking for some friends to try it out with him. We went on ahead and splurged on the game, and have been playing it for about a week now. It's an interesting game, with it's own pros and cons, but seeing as this is a WoW blog, I won't be discussing much of the gameplay; if anyone is interested in my thoughts of the game coming from a WoW players perspective I'd be happy to share.

What I WILL be discussing is one of the most requested additions to World of Warcraft: A feature to allow us to equip gear for a visual basis only, as well as a way to dye or tint gear to suit out wants. I cannot count how many times I've seen this requested on the forums, or talked about in game.

It never fails in game that someone will win an item drop from a boss, that fairly often there's a sigh from everyone in vent over how crappy the gear looks. Or that it clashes horribly with the rest of their armor. Or that it just doesn't suit how they envision their character to look.

One of Blizzards biggest claims is that their game offers a lot of variety in designing your character. But does it really? You can chose from a vareity of facial features, hair styles, a couple different colors of hair.... and that's about it. Every MMO I've ever played allows for this, plus being able to tint hair and/or eyes any color you can choose from, as well as being able to alter the characters facial structure, choose the size and shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, often times different types and locations for tattoos, and the overall height of the character. When you take all of that into account, WoW doesn't seem very customizable at all. It seems rather behind the times in fact.

Another basic feature of MMO's is gear upgrades. Most days you play, especially while leveling, you'll get new pieces of gear; you need to equip them in order to continue with game play; a character in out of date gear will have a far harder time actually completing game content than one with the best gear. So it doesn't matter if the previous helm you had was the most awesome helm you've ever worn  because you're just going to replace it.

Or does it?

This is my character Shalkan, a level 20 Bahmi Mage (Elementalist/Stormcaller/Pyromancer if your curious). Overall, that gear he's wearing is pretty god-awful looking. It's very plain, unflashy, and mismatched. The nice blue quality staff he's got looks fantastic yet he's stuck with a helmet that make his head look like a purple dew drop. Fail.

But notice that nifty little "Wardrobe" tab in his character panel? The wardrobe panel allows me to equip a piece of gear over what he's wearing, simply for the visual effect. Combining the wardrobe feature with the ability to make a purchase dyes to tint your armor, and I ended up with this:

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

Now that is seriously an improvement. I applied dye to several pieces of armor to change them to my favorite color, and equipped several of those pieces to my wardrobe as I've replaced them. This lets me keep use the upgrades, but still be able to look how -I- want to look.

And that's not even the end of the awesomeness that is RIFT's gear customization. Here's a screencap of my level 23 Warrior Stagsun.

As you can see, I've also taken the time to dye his gear and equip it to his wardrobe. But notice the super badass helm? That's an epic quality rare costume drop I got from a rift I helped close during an invasion. Costume pieces have no purpose but to look cool- they have no stats and add nothing to your character, but for the look.

This is a BRILLIANT idea. Costume pieces are either rare drops from things like rifts, or you can buy them with currencies you get during your adventures in the game. They're just fun pieces you can equip that you like the look of. 

Now World of Warcraft also has costume pieces, although they're usually silly items like bunny ears you can get at Easter, or a Santa Clause outfit you can get at Christmas time. But the nice thing about RIFT's wardrobe feature is that since your still equipping it, it's not in your bag. There's no gear to change out, your wearing the costume pieces, and your regular gear as well. When was the last time you ever saw anyone very seriously enjoying the costume pieces in game? They're such a hassle to carry around with you, especially if you have two separate specs worth of gear to keep with you.  It takes all the fun out objects in game that SHOULD be fun.

Now you might be thinking "But Brunnstag! What about the pvp'ers? Or the hardcore raiders? How will they be able to see what gear people are actually wearing so they can judge skill/gear level?". Well, this can be looked at several ways.

  1. Disable the feature in PVP. I myself have never had time to analyze the armor that a warrior is wearing while he's charging at my face, but I suppose hardcore pvp'ers might be skilled and quick enough to see that sort of thing. But even then, if it's attacking you, it's attacking you, the gear that it's wearing isn't honestly going to be that big of a decided factor.
  2. Have a "Disable Wardrobe" toggle box. If the gear that you see around you is really that important, just turn off the feature entirely. Everyone's gear would appear as only what they have equipped to their character, and not what's in their wardrobe panel.
What would this solve and why is this feature so important?
  • This would increase playtime and enjoyment. Just as people spend time collecting pets, mounts, and achievements, why not spend time collecting a gear set you like? Do you really like those tier shoulders that drop out of an older dungeon? Go back, and not only see the older content you've likely never returned too since that level, but get a nice looking pair of pauldrons, or a helm! And the longer someone is paying to play WoW, the longer Blizzard makes money.
  • This is would aid roleplayers greatly. Not only would this please the majority of the player base (One of the most asked for features after all!) but it's something very easy that Blizzard could do to make the RPers happy. I know a few RPers, and their bags and banks are full of pieces of old gear, weapons and random things like fish you can hold in your hands. Being able to look the way you want (And how you need your toon to look for whatever your currently roleplaying) would be a godsend to a lot of people on RP realms.
  • It could greatly improve holidays. Costume pieces could be a great improvement to the game, and giving them out or selling them at Holidays, or other special occasions would be a great improvement. Special things and events in game could be commemorated by having rare costume pieces that can drop; something your toon could buy or win to say "Hey, remember the Zombie invasion just before Wrath came out? That's where I got this awesome cloak!" Not only that, but it'd be nice to raid in those bunny ears too, not just idling in town. (And that's IF I want to carry them with me and remember to trade them out for my helm!)
  • It can act as a gold sink. Blizzard is all over things that make you spend exorbitant amounts of money for things that look neat but are ultimately useless. There are still some mammoth mounts for 10,000 gold I haven;t bought yet cause they just aren't worth that. RIFT gives you one wardrobe slot, and 3 others you can purchase for a somewhat high cost. Have one set of awesome battle gear, another for idling in town, and another one for holidays... the possibilities are endless.
  • No more looking like ALL toons shop at 'Gear'4'Us'. That's one of the worst things about WoW. Brunnstag looks like every other hunter. All druids look the same. All warlocks. All priests. Every class that's managed the end game content, pretty much looks the same. The same with the dungeon sets. I don't really like looking like every other hunter on the block. That's not fun or interesting at all. I want Brunn to look like how -I- want him to look.
  • Despise a look? Don't use it! Have you ever gotten a pair of shoulders and they are just horrible? Oh well, put some you actually like in your wardrobe and you won't have to look at them. Does that new belt clash horribly with your older gear? Put one in your wardrobe that fits better till you upgrade all your stuff!
  • It could fix a lot of graphical problems. As a player of a male dwarf toon, I never get to wear a helm. The dwarves beards and their helms just do not mix, and it ends up either clipping badly, or simply cutting the beard off the character ending up with toons with no chins. It looks HORRIBLE, therefore Brunn's helm is almost always turned off, whether I like the helm or not. The older crafted belt I've had for several months clipped badly with the long braids on his beard as well, forcing me to have to spend gold to change it to a cut I like a lot less, just so the graphics wouldn't look messed up. I'm sure there are issues like this with all the races.
I realize that Blizzard's art staff work very, very hard on the designs they put out in game. And all of it does look great. I know they want everything to look well put together, but when you're actually playing, it gets very wearing seeing everyone in the same gear, all the time. It sounds good in principal, like having everyone wear fire based gear because of the Firelands, but when its actually implemented it becomes visually unimpressive. There's a reason why everyone in game doesn't ride the same horse. That would be really boring. 

And of course, it's not like we'd NEVER see the newer gear. There will always be someone in game who likes the new sets enough to use them. Hardcore raiders and PVPers will probably want to idle in game in their latest full hard mode tier set on so everyone can see the awesomeness. A wardrobe feature and the ability to change colors would simply make the game even more eye catching. 

And quite frankly, for all the pretty graphics the artists put in game, if it's a detriment to force players to use them, then overall it's just hurting the game. Player's like customization- and if they can get it somewhere else, they will. And for just how many games there are out there, free or subscription based, that include this feature, it's becoming apparent that it's wanted AND used.

Would I quit WoW over this alone? Most likely no, I still enjoy playing World of Warcraft. Would I  be more likely to pick a game over WoW if it included this feature? Yes, I would. I don't think RIFT is that game- I enjoy it, but it's not the same. But one of these days, a very, very good MMO will come out that has everything else I like about WoW in it, and will let Brunn wear what I want him to wear. And I can't guarantee I'd stick with WoW out loyalty.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Tidbits...

More Tuesday morning tidbits! It's once again been a while since my last post, and that wasn't even WoW related! @-@;; Mage the betta fishy is doing well, enjoying his bowl even more now that I moved it to sit next to my computer. I can look over there while I'm in dungeons and he's staring at me! I think he wonders why we sit at our desks, staring forward and wiggling our hands...

I've not been able to play WoW much the last few days. My job has been thoroughly kicking my butt (I detest my job, but that's another story) and I've also been away over the weekend watching my parents house whilst they were away. Half the time I get off work I'm so exhausted that I don't even log in, and when I do I end up idling in Stormwind while browsing the internet before logging off. :/

Brunn's been having a bit of a breather himself. He recently got a new belt from the Firelands that, praise the GODS, is not a massive wrestling championship inspired monstrosity. I don't know where the artists think they're going with those. They look tacky, hang off the body... I mean, a belt's a belt. I'd much rather have a traditional looking one- save the fancy graphics for my actual armor and spend the time NOT coming up with goofy looking hunter helms!

I mean, really? It looks like they're using some poor goblins face as a mask!

I honestly wouldn't have minded the belt so much if it weren't for the fact that it stuck off the Brunn's already slightly paunchy tummy so far that it clipped with his longer beard cut! That's the reason why Brunn never has his helm turned on- it clips with his beard and makes him look really stupid. It's been the curse of all dwarven players since vanilla I believe! 

-I swear this fish is hilarious! I look over and he's sitting on the plant staring it me, dead on, watching me eat...-

Anyway, Shalkan's been getting some love recently. I've really been enjoying healing recently, although it's hard to judge how well I'm actually doing at healing versus how overgeared our guildies are for heroics... I've a bit of a phobia of pugging on a healer, especially when I'm still so new. Hellish tanks who run through the instance, pugs who stand in fire... it's a terrifying thought!

Sparkle Shaman @-@

In other news, you may have noticed the new widget off to the right of my blog- it's a link to my Shelfari Profile! If you're an avid reader like I am, I highly suggest the site. It's a place for book people to set up virtual bookshelves, keeping track of what they're reading, what the want to read, and what they've read. On top of this you can write reviews, chat with other people, join groups to discuss books and genres- it's like Facebook for bookies!

Speaking of books, I just finished Ender's Game on Sunday, and it was spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now it's back to working on Brandon Sanderson's "Way of Kings". This ones just taking me forever, dunno why, because the book is amazing! 

I highly recommend it!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Behind the Keyboard: Mage the Betta Fishy!

It's time for another Behind the Keyboard segment! I'm very happy to introduce everyone to my new family member, Mage!

Mage the Betta Fish!

I've been desperately wanting a pet for months now! I would love to get a cat, but at our apartments... well it's probably not the best idea. they have a 300$ nonrefundable pet charge for a cat, which is awfully steep for how very easy and not dirty a cat is. Matt and I thought back and forth on the subject and finally decided it was best to wait. But that did nothing to stop my want of a pet.

I don't even recall how we got onto the subject, but mom ended up suggesting I get a Betta Fish. Now, my mother's always kept fish. I had a tank when I was little with a goldfish named Chloe in it- when she died we buried her in the backyard. A few years after that, mom ended up getting a massive tank (Not sure how big exactly, at least 50 gallons), and she kept fish for a very long time in it. Eventually it got to be too much of a chore to clean the tank all the time, and the expense of having to treat and test the water and such, so we broke it down and sold it.

But Betta fishes do well in a bowl (Much better then goldfishes do) and because of their labyrinth lung are able to pop up for air. This makes them very forgiving for first time fish owners. And since it's just one small bowl, the upkeep isn't a massive undertaking. As mom said, a Betta fish makes a great pet. A full on fish tank is a hobby.

So today I toddled off to the pet store and got myself a betta fish! I wasn't expecting them to have any more then the generic red's, blues and combinations there of. But their selection was amazingly good! I almost got a different one that was a Crowntail with a blue body and very fancy multicolored fins. But when I saw Mage... I just fell in love.

I mean really, Look at that face!

He's all acclimated and happy now! He even ate some of his little fishy food pellets. He was clearly a little freaked when I got him into his bowl as he fluttered all around. He moseyed down to the bottom and nudged a piece gravel with his nose. When it rolled over he had a little fish panic attack and flipped out in place. It was adorable! Now he's just relaxing and swimming about! 

Yay Mage!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Micro-Transaction Mounts: A Review

Yesterday I bought myself one of the new Winger Guardian mounts from the Blizzard store. I've loved lions since I was a child, and a flying armored lion was just too much of a temptation. As I had already managed to get the Mountain O' Mounts achievement, I had no more qualms about buying this beauty!

Seeing as I own both of the mounts that can be purchased from the blizzard store (The Celestial Steed being a gift from Matt from... two years ago now?) I thought I'd make a review of each of them. Some general facts about the mounts:

  1. Both mounts count toward any mount specific achievements.
  2. They count as both ground and flying mounts and therefore can be used anywhere.
  3. They scale with riding skill, and can be used as soon as you train Apprentice riding at level 20, and will scale all the way up to the Master 310% riding skill.
  4. All current and future toons associated with your account will recieve an in game mail containing the mount.
  5. Each mount costs 25$. (This is the U.S. amount, I'm not sure what they cost in other regions!)
So buying just one of these mounts can be very nice, especially if your an altoholic. Whatever the server, any character on your account will receive the mount! You still have to train the riding skill, but you won't have to buy any mounts unless you want them. Other than this, and counting towards the mount achievments, this mount offers no in game advantage what-so-ever. Purely cosmetic.

Celestial Steed

Visual Appeal
This mount looks nice, the star effect is very dynamic and looks really good when standing idling. This is a spectral type mount, so it's see-through, and going with the star theme has what looks like a constellation of stars inside. The armor is also very visually dynamic, appearing to flow almost like water. It feels a bit small though, and the legs are slightly too short, giving it a somewhat stocky look one wouldn't associate with a horse- much less one made of stars!

The run animation is where those stocky legs look a little funny. It takes decently long strides now that Blizzard has slowed down it's run animation slightly, but when running it looks like the legs are far to short. The walk animations look good, and I find them preferable to the run as they look far more stately.

The flying animations are solid, even if the legs get a bit... flaily. I'm not a big fan of this mounts moving it legs while it flies. It looks good on say, the Headless Horseman's mount, as the horse seems to have an invisible solid plain that it's running along, make it look very realistic. The Celestial Steed almost seems to move it's legs for the hell of it. Overall, the effect is decent. Any movement whether running or flying seriously lessens the effect of the stars it puts out while idling, with stars slowly trailing behind, but not enough to be very noticeable.

Mount Special and Sound
This is a special animation that can be caused by either typing /mountspecial, or by using the jump button while standing still in an area where this mount cannot fly. The Steed will rear up, flapping it's wings and extending them up and out, striking a briefly heroic pose, before setting back down and resuming it's idle animations. It will also whinny, the Steed's vocalizations being ghostly sounding to match it's spectral appearance. The sounds the Steed make are not for everyone however, so I'd recommend finding one in game, or listening to a youtube video with the sounds included. The steed does have a very appealing 'thrumming' sound as it flaps it's wings, which sounds VERY nice.

Overall, I like this mount, though I think it looks better visually idling on the ground or in the air than in movement. The spectral skin it has can make for some lovely lighting effects in the various places of the world however!

Winged Guardian

Visual Appeal
This mount just looks imposing. It really feels like it's got some weight to it. Between the muscled build of the lion, the curled wings, and the heavy armor, the Winged Guardian is large and in charge! The top of the mane, tail tip, eyes, and feet all have a flaming effect on them, and anywhere where the color is lighter has a glow. The dark grey of the belly and sides breaks away to the lighter color down the legs and tail, giving it a look like rock breaking apart into lava. As it idles it bobs back and forth, each of the five braids of it's mane moving with it. It also looks left and right, and occasionally growls. One truly feels epic sitting in the saddle o this mount!

As I said before, everything on this mount moves. The fire twists, the braids sway as it moves, the tail swings back and forth and wings bounce slightly with it's motion. Even sanding still the mount has a lot of energy. The run animations are very graceful, but also with the air of it being heavy cavalry. The mount has that same air of bigness; you wouldn't ant to get trampled by this beast! The walk animations are a graceful prowl, with the head slowly moving left to right with each step. Both animations are thoroughly cat like, with all the regalness of a real lion.

 The flying animations are smooth with the Guardian holding his front legs close to the body back legs stretched out and bobbing with his body. He has both a flap and glide animation unlike the celestial steed, with the glide being particularly impressive as you can see the feathers of his wings shudder in the wind. What's best about his flying though is the light effects coming from the winds and tail, which leave a long trail behind you as you go. My only irk is that the wings seem to be too far forward and up on the body, so they look a little funny, but it's not a major detraction at all.

Mount Special and Sound
The Winged Guardian's mount special is to stretch his body out like a cat, throw his head back and roar while stretching those wings (You can see them quiver as he strains), shake his head at the end like a yawn, fold his wings back, and return to his idle animations. It's all very smooth, and I find this to be one of the more impressive and original mount special animations.

Soundwise, the Winged Guardian's vocals are a lot less in your face then the Celestial Steed with the growls and roars being slightly quieter. They sound excellent however and very menacing- it gives the feeling that if it wanted too, it could ROAR. But it doesn't want to cause... it's a cat. Sometimes they just like to be lazy! The wing flapping leaves a bit to be desired for me, as I greatly enjoyed the very loud sounds the Celestial Steed makes when it flies, and the Winged Guardian is very quiet.

Overall- I like them both. I think Blizzard did very well with the two purchased mounts, giving them impressive features that would appeal to a wide audience. These are an excellent option for people looking to get more impressive looking mounts, but aren't able to raid, or don't have the time to farm for one. And with the bonus of being account bound, your alts never need worry about purchasing a mount of their own, which does save a lot of gold.

If I had to pick between the two, I would definately have to go with the Winged Guardian. I feel he's a step up from the Celestial Steed in quality, being more impressive overall, although both will have their little niches of fans!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Rares, Rares, and More Rares!

My first staggering steps into Beast Master have been a bit rough, but I'm really enjoying the playstyle so far! After having played as Marksman for about two years now, just having different button icons is new and exciting. It's funny how picking up a new spec after so long can make the game new and exciting again- Oh, I played as Beast Master in BC, who didn't? But I was fresh from leveling then and hadn't experienced the wonders of Marksman yet. Once I tried it, I loved the style of it, and the utility, and never looked back.

Of course, the first thing I did was go off and look at what pets we're only for Beast Masters. I popped onto Petopia a hunter pet resource guide online, and looked up my options. I already knew I wanted some Spirit Beasts as no beast master is complete without them! I wasn't particularly interested in Rhinos or Silithid's. But a worm... I could do a worm. Off I go to Dragonblight to find the elite Rattlebore!

Mr. Squiggles!

At least, I wanted to name him Mr. Squiggles, but I had to settle for Squiggles instead... Blizzard's name rules don't allow for spaces or punctuation. Darn! Anyway, I LOVE this pet! He's right up there with Bragi for my favorite now. First off, he's huge! I mean look at him, he dwarfs my dwarf! He shimmies back and forth when he 'runs' (Slithers?), and is constantly bobbing side to side like he's dancing to his own little wormy beat. Plus, his swim animation is adorable! If you don't have a worm pet, I suggest your get one!

Happy with my new Wormy, and already in Northrend I decided to go after some Spirit Beasts! I've always fancied Arcturis, but seeing as Brunn was always in MM spec anyway and I'd have to change specs just to see him, I simply never bothered to get him. I sat back for a long wait; and after 8 hours of camping and reading Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings" over two days, he spawned!

Rawnblade the Spirit Bear

After that I had some guildie stuff to attend to, dungeon runs and such! It was a busy day, and later that evening I decided to pop back out to Storm Peaks and see if couldn't come across Skoll the Lightning Wolf as well. After perhaps and hour of sitting about, Skoll spawned as well.

Stormlight the Wolf Spirit

Rather pleased with myself in having found 2 spirit beasts in one day, I decided that I'd give Sholozar a try, and maybe see if I couldn't come across Loque'nahak as well. I flew straight to the Nessingwary camp to sticka  few pets in my stable to make room... and looked up and there was Loque, strolling around just across the river!

Shatterpelt the Leopard Spirit

And that's how I managed to tame 3 spirit beasts in one day! Granted, I spent perhaps ten hours total in camp mode, but I cannot believe my ridiculously good luck in having these three rare spawn pets just about fall into my lap! I'm not super impressed with Gondria, so haven't yet spent the time looking for her. After Loque and Skoll, I did fly over to see if she'd spawned as well, but no beans. Ah well, no need to be a pet hog!